It's More Than Just Coffee


- Tosha Wilhelmsen (Owner)

Organically Sourced

Our beans are roasted in-house with a traditional drum roaster, to ensure the highest, and most consistent quality possible. Every batch is hand sifted to make sure that each bean meets our quality standards.

Fresh Baked Goods

We provide top-of-the-line baked goods that you simply won't find anywhere else. All of our tasty treats are gluten-friendly, made with as many organic ingredients as possible, and lots of love.

Gather Together

Constructed in 1925, Southern Grace Coffee Co. is located in the historical district of Maryville, Tn. With Jesus at the center of everything we do, we've strived to create a space that feels like family.  


Whether you're from Tennessee, or  visiting from out of town, we want to welcome you into our home.

Our Mission Statement

At Southern Grace, we are family.  We love Jesus and our community. We serve organically sourced coffee while cultivating an environment of refuge and community. We strive to maintain the highest standard in quality by roasting our coffee in small batches, and hand sifting every batch. We want our customers to always leave knowing they’re loved, and our staff to always leave excited to come back.

Organically Sourced Whole Bean Coffee